Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nothing comes instantly

I found that every time in my life I expected instant gratification from anything I was let down 100% of the time. Going into something with the simple mindset that anything worth anything takes effort is the path to success. Don't expect your relationships to work rather give it the required effort to see that through. Don't go into your job expecting yearly raises without understanding the work involved to attain that raise. Make realistic goals, set realistic expectations and don't set yourself up for failure. Instead use the law of attraction to attract positive situations and outcomes and your life will take shape, purpose and be forever changed.

Paycheck to Paycheck


Most of us know what it is like to work a dead end job, living paycheck to paycheck! It’s something that can take a tole on you. Everything in your life gets effected whether you know it or not. The frustrations of barely having enough to stay afloat bring a lot more to the table other than the financial burden. Your emotions are unbalanced which leads you to act out of character. You develop a negative attitude towards everything in your life. You stop living because everything comes with a dollar sign attached to it. This isn't the way it should be but everyday people are struggling to just put food on the table. This is a affecting most of the population.


Once you find yourself stuck in the PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK lifestyle getting out seems impossible. Chances are you are doing the best you could because who in their right mind would continue living like this on purpose? The problem here is that being in that situation seems hopeless. Taking that paycheck, depositing it into a bank account, only to decide your earnings among the array of bills you have. At the end of the day you are left with scraps to spend on things like food and transportation costs. You can only stretch yourself so thin. So what do you do? Most of us get a second job that bumbs up the hours we work from 40 to 60 hours a week. Does this work? For a short time it can, but how long can you really work that much and still just get by? Sooner than later your going to have to give up working that much and your situation will go back into “RED ALERT” mode before you know it. This paycheck to paycheck lifestyle has got to stop!!!


Finding a way out of this seems hopeless but it really isn't. It takes implementing a simple school of thought, Work Smart vs. Work Hard! Instead of finding that extra job that is going to take you further away from your life, your goals, your dreams! You find something you can build upon over time. Something that can replace you having to spend 40, 60, 90 hours a week devoted to getting someone else rich! Start focusing on you and whats going to make your life richer both financially and mentally!
That's where EMPOWER NETWORK comes into play.
I was in the same boat as all of you are in right now. I was barely making it by the skin of my teeth. Every time I would get paid from my job (Just Over Broke) I would turn around, shell out 90% to bills and have $50.00 to my name for a week. Sometimes even less for an even longer period of time.
When a friend of mine introduced me to Empower Network I was skeptical at first. I didn't feel like I could spend my time on something that wasn't going to pan out. It was that mindset that has held me back all these years. It was that mindset that has put me into my life of struggle. Without realizing, it was that mindset that has set me up for failure my entire life.
So what did i do? I Stopped waiting for things to fail and I made the conscious decision to make this work! That is the magic people. Nothing in life comes to you. Your not going to wake up one day and all your problems are gone, POOF!! Like everything, it takes you saying to yourself “I can do this, I will do this, I set my own destiny”.
What you do about your financial life is your call. I’m not here to pressure you into any decision that ultimately only affects you. I am here to tell you that I have struggled my entire life WORKING HARD, and it wasn't until I saw my problem and decided to start WORKING SMART that I changed my life.
JOIN ME RIGHT NOW!!! Working smart not hard!
Let me show you how to get out of your “PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK” existence!